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I’m about to close up shop for the day and head for my fluffy pillow and tailored comforter. I have had a generous day. I don’t know how else to describe it really. It’s sort of been one of those days where you feel like you are getting a little more than your fair share.

I watched the boys play in the sunshine in shorts and t-shirts and they got along and didn’t make each other cry. They ate their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the deck with their little table and chair set and it tasted better because of the fresh air…I’m sure of it. I sat on the carpet with them and coached clean up time in their play room while they tried every trick in the book to distract me and themselves from the task at hand. I washed, dried and folded four loads of laundry and it felt like I was in charge of life to actually get that last stack of clothes placed neatly in the drawer. I washed my dishes and put them away. I disciplined my boys effectively when they needed it and I didn’t feel guilty I felt determined and seriously grateful for the freedom to love them with firm direction. I took three boys to the park and didn’t lose one of them for more than two minutes. I got to watch another family share time in the park with their three children…two boys who gingerly played tag with their darling little sister. It warmed my heart. I saw the oldest of those boys (around 7 or 8) hurt himself and realized that he was young enough to cry over scrapes but too old to go to his mother when she coaxed him to her for comfort. I nearly cried myself. I got to pick up my two year old and enjoy his clinging arms and the clutch of his dirty fingers when he scraped his knees about an hour later. I got to eat dinner outside on the patio of McDougals Coop with my husband and three boys and talk and laugh and wipe faces and hands just before the sun started descending. I got to run bathwater and force dirty little boys into the tub and then force them out again when they were all cleaned up. I got to pick out clean pajamas and white t-shirts to put on their skinny little arms. I got to hug them and kiss them and pray for them to end their day. I got to hold and feed the sweetest most affectionate little baby I’ve ever experienced. I laid little Aron in his crib a little while ago and stuck my head in the other boy’s room to hear that rhythmic breathing of two sleeping boys. I lived in a house with open windows today. I finished a throw pillow I started sewing yesterday. I sewed three buttons on three shirts. I watched my favorite design show with a mug of homemade ice cream and no one interrupted me. I think generous is a pretty good adjective for my day.

Is there a button somewhere that I can push with a “More Like This” option?

3 thoughts on “More Like This

  1. Open windows and fresh air are like magic!
    What a lovely day – you are *on* it, girl! Thanks for sharing.
    And…to be honest, I nearly cried about the boy at the park. I know more about that change than I care to admit. Dirty fingers and PBJ kisses never last as long as they should.

  2. Awwww…

    After carrying on over the phone about the sorry state of affairs around here, I feel thrilled that you’re having such a wonderfully full day. the happiness of friends makes me happy- and that’s a very good thing. 🙂

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