Kristy and Timothy, my sister and her husband, along with Clay their soon to be 18 month old son and the baby yet to be born, are come and gone. They flew in Monday night and were here all day yesterday running errands and getting a few things done before leaving this morning for North Carolina for the next 4 days. They will be back Sunday evening and we will have Monday through Thursday with them here in town. Their time is pretty well occupied and they are somewhat disappointed they will not be staying longer but I am hoping that we will see them again at the end of the year.

While they were gone getting the van they are driving to NC, I took the boys for a ride behind the bike. They were content but not exactly excited about the whole thing. Owen seemed to enjoy it more than Clay, but I had a lot working against me with his mood. He was pretty much ticked off that his mom and dad left him with me and pretty much everything I did was met with an angry look or all out crying. He was a good boy though and by the afternoon had warmed up to Owen pretty well. I’m quite sure that next week when they have more time together these cousins will be very good friends.

Today…I have a few errands to run and a house to clean but I’d like to see about going to the zoo as well. It is already 9:30 so I need to get cracking!

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