The Reasons

Eric spoke of the trial of inconvenience and the faltering steps of ministry. “…something comes up and all you want to do is go home and have a cheeseburger or go to a Target and pick up dental floss without having to factor in a six hour drive in both…

Quit Scratching

The other night I was lying in bed and the skin at the back of my knee was itching like crazy. There wasn’t a bite or a rash or anything, I think the air had just dried my skin to the point of feeling unmercifully itchy. I scratched, calmed, scratched…

Toddler Valentine Shirts Tutorial

I wanted to put a craft spotlight on our MOPS bulletin board this month and I wanted to offer something the mom’s could do for Valentine’s Day.

I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for on Pinterest or Google, so I made my own and took lots of p…

Maintaining This Hope

We do more harm in letting little things go undisciplined and then allowing them to build up to anger inducing punishment, than we do in correcting the little things before they become actions that cause undue chastisement.

18 (A)Discipline your son while there is hope,
And do not desire [a]his death.

Proverbs 19:18 Lit. causing him to die

Proverbs 19:18
King James Version (KJV)

18 Chasten thy son…

Steadying the Ark

I’ve been listening to a sermon from last weekend about order.

It’s a revelation to me.

I’ve always believed that God is a God of order. This sermon laid it out in front of me in perfect timing. I was struggling. Struggling to believe I could…

Start at the Stable

Like many of you, I was not born thankful. It’s not a genetic trait that can be passed on from generation to generation. It has to be taught, it is learned in many ways, and it isn’t something we can simply define and then apply.

Million Dollar Ideas #1: A Lighted Staircase

I had an idea this morning and I won’t type out the whole of it, but it included a short white staircase with with a strip of plexiglass covering LED lights connected to a sensor that light up when you step on the steps.

Here’s something similar wh…

An Instrument Forgotten

Driving to the camp site to speak to some lovely ladies about leadership, I knew I was not up to the task. I knew that I was not the leader I wished to be and therefore, I was certainly unqualified to share the intricacies of the subject.

Yet, here…

Mom Fail #2754

I don’t like failing, and maybe that’s a harsh word for it, but I definitely blew it this morning.

I had this conversation with Ivan after many attempts at helping him with his Bible quiz today. “Ivan, do you know your Bible verse?”

“I think so.”…