“I can see the sun moving!” Owen caught the yellow glare of it in streaks climbing the porch rail surrounded by early morning shadow. “It started here and has moved all the way up here already.”

“Wouldn’t it be neat if we had a camera that would capture it all day and then we could watch it fast to see the change?” I reflected.

And I wished it for much more than the sunshine on the porch. I began to wish I could show the steady hand of God that way too. What if people saw more clearly the path of the Son of God over their lives? What if time lapse were able to remove our absent minded moments and showed us the clear result of our worship? What if I could see my giving change a life? What if I could see my prayer startle awake the driver? What if I could see my obedience result in favor? What if I could see the hand of God? Continue reading

To Wet a Match

Like so many of you, I’ve been reeling from the horrifying ISIS stories coming through my news feed. I look at the photos and weep, because these are my brothers and sisters and they are no less worthy of protection, of freedom or of comfort than I am, they are no more deserving of pain than I am and yet they are experiencing the unthinkable. They are being tortured, physically and emotionally, and I can’t reach them with my hands to change anything. Continue reading

The Entrepreneur’s Wife

When I married Kris I knew a few things he didn’t know. I knew that he could do more than he thought he could, and I knew that he would start a business.

He had no desire to start a business and told me so, but I knew he would anyway.

There were a lot of things I didn’t know, and a lot of things he knew about me that I didn’t know about myself. It can be the best part about marrying someone to hear their fresh perspective on some of the things you may have found a little stale about yourself. Continue reading

Renewing My Vows

So long ago I said I need a Savior and repented of all the horrible and evil things I’d done up to the age of seven. I tried so hard to be good. I remember at around 8 years old starting my day and challenging myself to go the whole day without sinning. I messed up soon after breakfast. My understanding of grace was limited to the idea that I could try again the next day. My understanding of God had Him loving me very, very much but I thought He wanted me to be better than I was. Continue reading

To Worship at Your Feet

“Ugh….where’s the instruments? Why can’t I hear anything but the alto on the worship team? Why is it so bad? It’s nothing but drums and alto…seriously…drums and alto? I am trying so hard Lord, I’m trying to worship, it’s not the song, it’s not the style, it’s the sound!

Continue reading


Praying for my kids isn’t a little thing I do in the evenings before bedtime.

Praying for my kids isn’t a ritual around the table.

Praying for my kids isn’t a part time practice, spurred by anything that looks like habit or tradition.

Praying for my kids is how I exhale as a parent. It is the full outward force of my breath. Continue reading