And He Shall Be Like a Tree

I mentioned in Saturday’s post that I spoke at a women’s retreat. It was a half hour segment of a retreat called, “The Vision” that our church does each year.

Though my preparation time was limited, I walked up to the podium extremely confident ab…

Where I Left My Hat

It seems I have been out for a while. I wonder sometimes if I’ll ever get back here and put these pages back on and if the words will still fit. I assume they will, but I need to find my hat. Not a literal hat, more of a literary one. My writing hat…

Limerick Friday

A flouncy young waitress named Florence
Let the world know of every abhorrence
She rattled away
In all things cliche’
And then puzzles at tips her tongue warrants

Happy Healthy

I am by no means committed to eating healthy. Yet, I feel this unwelcome urge to buy healthy things in the organic section at the grocery store. Today I bought a bag of mini-chips for over $5.00 because they are organic and don’t have any *triptomorph…

Slow Saturday

This is the first Saturday morning in a very long time that we don’t have to go anywhere. I almost slept in. Aron was sure to come in the room at 7:45 to tell me that it’s morning. He didn’t know it, but he and Owen had already woke me up earlier wit…

Limerick Friday

My niece Grace is turning 14 next week, and we are celebrating a bit today. This limerick is written in the hope of causing her to erupt in contagious laughter.

A lovely lass called Catherine Grace
Found a pimple on the nose of her face
She pr…

Oh Lavina

I did a monologue in church last month on Modesty. I didn’t realize until this past weekend that you can still watch it online.

If you are interested, you can click here to go to the site and watch it.

Scroll down to Saturday, August 11th and…

Limerick Friday

When Franks wife heard the whole of his plans
She determined to tie both his hands
Not one thing he said
Would dissuade her thick head

The Honor of Uniqueness

At first glance it looks like any other puzzle. The 100 pieces of Marvel Comic heroes and villains all posed and glaring from the mass produced collage. Yet, something was off. Or was it that nothing was off. There was an uncommon uniformity to it a…