It snowed when we were saying I do. The surprising white of early winter blanketed the bare of late fall.

And we barely noticed then, but think back fondly now. Of how I prayed that there would be no rain on my wedding day.

In the Wind

Gripping string I watched his hands wind and pull, sensitive to wind hundreds of feet above his reach.

I had told him how to hang on. How to hold tight but give when needed. When there’s too much slack, we pull the string and step backward until…

Nothing Less

Four years ago we voted in America and the Republicans were disappointed and the Democrats were jubilant. I remember the slogans and the claims for “hope and change” that spurred many to vote for our first black president. He was supposed to be this m…

Hot Water Fights

Ivan has outgrown so many things. He gets bigger, bolder, more clever and more independent every day. There are a few things though that we are consistently working on. One of them is using words instead of whines.

He is dramatic.

Over the top…

Cups On the Edge of the Table

After a recent discussion on facebook regarding gateway words I felt this would be a good edit and repost from a post I published in 2009.

Yesterday on the way home from school Owen was surprised at something we were talking about and responded wit…


Just thought I’d share a little story about prayer answered and God’s abundant but practical grace.

Tuesday morning I was barely on time as we headed out the door for school, only to find that my van wouldn’t start. It made the clicking sound of a d…

Red Flag

Dear Holy Spirit,

I beg your intervention.

I see the flaws so glaring after. Like a glowing ember from a fire put out. Clearly smoldering, smoking, and the stench is much stronger than the kindling it began with.

Selfishness is abandonment of…

Boy Gifts

Having three boys we are often buying and wrapping gifts for other boys. Up until about 2nd grade it was common to be invited to girl parties too, but the boys are being invited to fewer and fewer of them and the division of princesses and Lego’s is ta…