Ants, Attitude, and Anne

I’ve been reading L.M.Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series. I’m almost done with the third one. If I begin writing a little too flowery, that’s why. I lifted my head from the book this morning and thought, “I’m afrost with delight o’er the thought of what will be accomplished today.” Continue reading

To Worship at Your Feet

“Ugh….where’s the instruments? Why can’t I hear anything but the alto on the worship team? Why is it so bad? It’s nothing but drums and alto…seriously…drums and alto? I am trying so hard Lord, I’m trying to worship, it’s not the song, it’s not the style, it’s the sound!

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The Big Red Sweater and The Mind of Christ

Tossing, turning, thinking…”I wonder why she doesn’t like me…maybe it’s because of what I said to her. Oh, why did I say that?

Years ago, I walked into a room at church and as I approached a friend, I noticed how nice she looked. Her golden hair looked silky smooth, her blue eyes were shining and her fair skin looked amazing. Her red sweater seemed to set it all off for her. Continue reading


My dad got married on Tuesday. I have no pictures. I have little detail, but I thought I’d share with anyone who cares to know, and have this here for the sake of my own memory.

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. Harry and Rosa tied the knot.…

He Believes

Yesterday morning I laid Aron’s clothes out for him in the living room. He was still eating breakfast in the kitchen and we were running late so instead of making him run upstairs to find clothes I decided to bring them down and help him dress once he…

Mom Fail #2754

I don’t like failing, and maybe that’s a harsh word for it, but I definitely blew it this morning.

I had this conversation with Ivan after many attempts at helping him with his Bible quiz today. “Ivan, do you know your Bible verse?”

“I think so.”…

Hot Water Fights

Ivan has outgrown so many things. He gets bigger, bolder, more clever and more independent every day. There are a few things though that we are consistently working on. One of them is using words instead of whines.

He is dramatic.

Over the top…