Ants, Attitude, and Anne

I’ve been reading L.M.Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series. I’m almost done with the third one. If I begin writing a little too flowery, that’s why. I lifted my head from the book this morning and thought, “I’m afrost with delight o’er the thought of what will be accomplished today.” Continue reading

Feed Your Blessings

Sitting in my usual spot on the back porch I’m amazed as my stillness allows the presence of tiny winged creatures to buzz nearer to me than I am accustomed. These colorful fellows and subdued dames with long beaks and fragile frames dart in and out of my shaded sanctuary almost all day long in pursuit of nectar.

They never used to do this.

I never, ever saw them in my backyard or anywhere near the house.

It started a couple months ago when I did something I’d never done before. Continue reading

Done With Finishing

“I didn’t get anything done.” The words hang around me constantly. Nagging “guilt flies” that swarm about my face in irritating flashes of my cluttered scenery.

The dryer door open, clothes half unloaded.

The living room half dusted, fluff and yellow handled duster still lying on the credenza.

The dish drainer half full, soapy water, now cold, and the pots left soaking in it. Continue reading

The Reasons

Eric spoke of the trial of inconvenience and the faltering steps of ministry. “…something comes up and all you want to do is go home and have a cheeseburger or go to a Target and pick up dental floss without having to factor in a six hour drive in both…