Photography Challenge

Christy’s blog held a challenge to take some photo’s along the line of her latest photography class assignments. I love taking pictures so I thought I’d take a swing at it. In truth though…I didn’t take these because of the assignment. I took them a lot earlier and am using them here based on the assignment…is that cheating? I really should take some new pictures but I’m sort of lazy, and she isn’t grading me. Her assignment was reflection and shadow. So…here are a few reflection pictures just for fun and the last photo is a shadow picture. A couple of these you’ve seen before. Surely they are so incredible you won’t mind seeing them again. (Please read that in the sarcasm font.)

First…the egg separator. (March 9, 2006)

Then…the Ivan exhibit. (February 13, 2009)

The shadow of an oak. (May 5, 2008)

I don’t like that you can see the wheels of a motor home at the top of this…but I didn’t like it cropped either. Oh well…no one is grading me. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Photography Challenge

  1. I love the oak shadow. The grass looks awesome! I think that the motor home wheels don’t effect the picture much. I didn’t notice them until you mentioned it.

    Since you need to take more pictures, I have a challenge for you.

    Take your camera and go outside in your yard (when the weather warms up a bit perhaps, and when it is dry). Lie down on your stomach and place the camera on the ground. Then take a picture of your yard from an ants-eye-view. See what turns out. 🙂

    Just one of my many ideas. hehe

  2. Yeah – I especially love the ones of Ivan too. Soooo cute 🙂 And I think I remember the tree one – I think I remember liking that one a lot before. Egg separator – like the first one best with that little bit of the “real” egg just at the bottom of the frame. I really love eggs. It’s too bad I’m allergic…

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