Limerick Friday

I just had to try a themed day. Amy’s blog keeps drawing me in with her interesting topics and fun open house day. I wanted to join the fun. I was sort of joking when I mentioned limerick day but I really do love making limericks. I get stumped now and then but I’d like to see how long I can keep it up. Any names or topics you would like to see limericized will be considered and most likely used.

This week: Fanny

There once was a girl named Fanny
Whose knack for bad moods was uncanny
It wasn’t the rain
Or the clouds that gave pain
But rather the lace in her cranny

Is that too crass?

I’m having a lot of computer trouble today so I’m just excited that I could get on and post. I’m hoping I can post pictures too.

Oh look…I can.

I am in clean out and organize mode because of the impending move. I was able to completely organize my pantry on Saturday and I did my laundry room last week also. I’ve been cleaning out the crate aisle at Wal-mart because I really like these green and brown file crates they have. They were almost $2.00 cheaper today so I bought three more. Ha! I’m going to need lots of boxes and crates and storage bins. I not only want to move this stuff, I’d like to keep it from being a mess when I get it to the new house. So, yes, I’ll be getting cardboard boxes, but I’m also getting clear plastic storage bins for a lot of stuff that goes in closets. I love that sort of thing anyway…it’s a win win for everyone but my wallet.

Here’s another topic for your comments. Some of you have moved even more than I have and I would love any and all suggestions for making it simpler…from packing, to kids, to meals. I only pick smart friends so I know I’ll hear some great stuff.

9 thoughts on “Limerick Friday

  1. moving tip: use up all your food so you don’t have to move it. throw out stuff you have had sitting in your pantry, freezer or fridge for more than a year. (it worked for me!) I am a hoarder so it felt good to throw stuff away or give it to a goodwill type of place!

  2. I don’t get the “lace in her cranny” line, though I can imagine what that might mean. How about “the face of her Granny” to replace it? Probably doesn’t make as much sense, but at least it rhymes. 🙂 Anyway, we have lots of moving experience so I will offer this: when considering packing, kids, and meals, don’t get them mixed up.

  3. I got it. Maybe having some of the same screwy genes helps. Maybe it took Travis (sorry Travis, since I don’t even know who you are) a little longer b/c guys never wear lace unders:)

  4. I totally get it and I’m very happy that my husband doesn’t :)Love the limerick themed day- aren’t themed days fun.

    You may already do this but when I pack cardboard boxes, instead of writing a generic “kitchen” on the box I write exactly what’s on that box. That way if you *have* to have your mixer right then you don’t have to unpack 8 “kitchen” boxes to get to it.

  5. Um…Trav….nooks and crannies.
    And I got it.
    And I fell out of my chair laughing.
    Then I read it out loud to Chris.
    I’m going to be thinking of themes that I would like to hear limericized, as it’s always been a favorite form of mine. I’m not good at writing them, but their rhythm just makes sense to me.
    Moving suggestions (we’ve done this, like, 12 times and that doesn’t count the – I want to say 16 times before I was married):
    1) Pack up like you were going on a trip to a condo for a week (or however long you designate necessary) including towels and toiletries. Set it aside to live out of and then pack everything else.
    2) The insides of drawers and closet floors always take longer than you think. Many a moving day, I have sent my hubby for the truck, thinking I had one or two boxes left to go and found myself throwing hangers and paperwork into random boxes for the rest of the morning and all the boys laughing at me for being so disorganized.
    3) I’m sure there’s more, but everybody has their own style. You are WAY more organized than I could hope to be.

  6. Amber’s steps to successful moving . . .
    1.Have a Yard Sale
    2.Throw away. Throw away. Throw away.
    4.Now that you have minimized your packing as much as possible – Label every box as specifically as you can . . . KITCHEN – Pots, BEDROOM – Kris’ Dresser. Want to get really fancy? Color code. Everything for Owen’s room label in BLUE. Everything for Ivan’s room label in GREEN. This makes it so quick for the eyes to process.
    5. Clothes are the WORST things to pack, especially hanging clothes. If you can, just move them on their existing closet bar from one house to the next. Then return the empty closet bar back to the old house. I’ve done this and it works nicely!

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