Sleeveless Cape

Take a boiled wool square ( 120X120 and 140×140 between , it depends on the initial width ) .
– Fold in 4 ( in length and in width ) . The result is a square between 60X60 and 70X70 cm depending on the size of the base square .
– From one of the points , draw a circle the same diameter as the side of the square . Let me explain, if the square measures 60 cm square , draw a circle 60 cm in diameter. It gives a nice rounded .
– From the same point, draw a circle 10 cm in diameter.
– Cut the following two tracks, one obtains a hollow circle in the middle (to move the arm and put the cape ) !

translated from this site: le marche’ eclectique

2 thoughts on “Sleeveless Cape

  1. I love the look of your cape, but I’m afraid I don’t understand the instructions. Could you possibly include a diagram, or photo of the cape laid out on a flat surface? Thanks.

  2. Hey Marilyn, I’m sending you an e-mail as well as answering here just in case you don’t come looking for this here. I found this on pinterest but it was linked to a French site and the instructions were in French, so I used a translator to attempt to try this at some point. I placed the photo and “English” instructions here so I could keep them some place I could get to. Sure enough, even the original site doesn’t seem to have the cape anymore. I’m homeschooling, and in the process of moving all my crafting and sewing supplies into a smaller closet in our house. Until that’s done, I have forbid myself to start projects. Hoping this summer I will have my ducks numbered, color coded and in a well spaced row. Sorry, I’m not more helpful, but if you try it, please let me know! -Mary

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