Mom Like Manning

Winter in Tennessee is not our best time for offering beauty.  The grasses are mostly brown, the trees are bare and the sky is more often gray than blue.  Thankfully, seasons change, they don’t last, and though I wish fall lasted longer, and that spring would come earlier, and that summer weren’t so hot, and that we could have more control over those changes, we can’t.  We are living at their mercy, and we have to learn to make the most of each one.  Continue reading

Yes Ma’am

For the past few frigid days I have been driving Owen (now 14 and almost 6 feet tall) to the end of the street to wait for the bus in my car so he isn’t walking and standing in the below freezing cold air.  As we sit there we often have conversations about relationships and how people respond to each other in different situations.  Continue reading

The Struggle is Real

We say it as a joke, a snide comment, a way to relate to others, but it’s true. Struggles are real. We can dress them up in pretty smiles and say we know it will all work out, but that trudging through the mud of disappointment and questions is not really very funny. It’s kind of hard. Continue reading